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What reports does Khan Academy offer to administrators?


Khan Academy provides 5 types of reports for administrators to monitor and track student learning progress with. In addition to the in-product reports, data can be exported into downloadable CSV files that administrators can use for further analysis. This article will give you an overview of each administrator report and the data download options Khan Academy offers.  

  1. Administrator Homepage: This page gives administrators a high-level overview of a variety of data. The key features of the homepage are outlined below:
  • School filtering: drill down to specific schools in your district if desired  
  • Progress:  top 5 performing schools by grades or courses for students
  • Activity: a weekly district-wide view of learning minutes spent by students
  • Student activations: a snapshot of the funnel from rostered to activated to active students
  • Resources: links to helpful resources applicable to administrators 

  1. Activation Reports: These reports show the amount of users who are rostered with Khan Academy Districts, and whose accounts are successfully activated. Monitoring activation rates can be helpful for admins to see how many of the users in their district have their accounts ready to utilize the Khan Academy product, while also helping identify where additional support is needed to do so. 

There are 3 report options to zoom into activation data:

  • Activation by School
  • Activation by Grades 
  • Activation by Teachers

  1. Progress Reports: These reports show Administrators how activated students in their district are progressing on the content they’ve been working on. These reports are highly customizable and give administrators the options to drill down into progress data broken down by:
  • Courses, Schools, Grades, Teachers or Skills 

  1. Khanmigo Reports:
    - Khanmigo Usage Report: Shows how many students + teachers are using Khanmigo, how much are they using it, and has the ability to drill down to isolate areas of interest or unusual activity.
    - Khanmigo Activity Report: Shows the top activities and where students + teachers are using Khanmigo across Khan Academy.

  2. SAT Reports: Khan Academy offers SAT practice data to administrators in a few forms:
  • If students are preparing for the Digital SAT through Khan Academy’s Official Digital SAT Prep, administrators can monitor data through: 
    • SAT tab on the Progress by Course report
    • Selecting the Digital SAT course on the Skills Progress report. 

If students are preparing for the traditional pencil and paper test with Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice product, their data will show up on the SAT section of the left hand menu.

  • These reports are broken down into data by: Schools and Teachers

In addition to these in-product reports, the Export Student Data section offers many customizable report options for administrators to download as CSV files.  

These include: 

  1. Overall student data
  2. Mastery progress data 
  3. Skills progress data
  4. SAT skills progress data
  5. Khanmigo CSV: available if your district has purchased licenses for your teachers and/or students

For more information about each of the administrator reports and export options Khan Academy offers, please check out this section of the Khan Academy Help Center: Using KAD: Administrator Reports and Data