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How do I use the Khanmigo Activity Administrator Report?


Khan Academy offers 2 reports for districts who have Khanmigo to understand how it is being used in their school(s): the Khanmigo Usage and Khanmigo Activity reports. You can also download Khanmigo usage data to a CSV file. 

This article will cover the Khanmigo Activity Report, which was designed for you to see the top Khanmigo activities and places around Khan Academy where your students are using Khanmigo. 

Below is some helpful info and pointers to keep in mind as you navigate the Khanmigo Activity Report: 

These are outlined in the screenshot and corresponding numbered list below:

  1. Where is this report located? The Khanmigo Usage Report is found on your Administrator Dashboard under the Khanmigo section 
  2. Toggle between the Students Usage Report and Teachers Usage report 
    • Please note: if a student or teacher has not activated their Khan Academy account, they will not be included in this data 
    • If a student or teacher is removed from your Clever or Classlink roster, their data will not show up on this report 
  3. Select which school(s) in your district you’d like to see the data for 
  4. Date range you’d like to see the data for on the Bar Graph showing the number of active students or teachers
    • Hover over the bar graphs to see the % of active users 
    • The percentage of Unique Users is the number of students in each category divided by the total number of students on the top row
  5. Sortable filters: click to sort the columns, or hover over the column title for more information on what is included in the data  
    • Number of students or teachers 
    • % of unique users
  6. Expandable categorical data
    • Click the < to see more information broken down by course and unit 
    • Note: the numbers when you expand the with an article, video or exercise categories may not always add up as the user may have worked on more than one article, video or exercise.
    • Once the info is expanded, the lists can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the column title 
    • If you see the “Other” category, it means the student was chatting with Khanmigo on their Learner Home, or in the Give me feedback on my academic essay activity 
    • The “Challenge” category means the user was working on a Computer Science challenge in any of the Computing Programming Courses

We hope this article was helpful in understanding the Khanmigo Activity Report! If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact your District Success Manager, or reach out to our Support team here.