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How do activities that my students start over appear in my teacher reports?


While working on certain practice exercises, quizzes and tests, learners have the option to start over midway through working on them, rather than needing to complete every question in order to try it again.

Below is a guide for teachers on how the use of the "Start over" link will be viewable in the Teacher Reporting Tools. It will also cover the details of where the “Start over” link will be available to students, and additional details about what occurs when the “Start over” link is used. 

Reporting implications for teachers: 

  • The Individual Student Report (ISR) will indicate when a student used the "Start over" link, by showing "Used 'Start over'" in the Date column:
    • Here is an article from our Help Center with more information about how to access and use the Individual Student Report.
    • Below is a screenshot of how the "Start over" link will show on the ISR.


Some additional notes for teachers: 

  • The Best Score will not reflect partial scores from activities where the "Start over" link was used
  • The Responses Report will include responses from activities where the "Start over" link was used
  • The count of attempts will include activities that were restarted 
    • Please note that the count of attempts is expected to increase as a result of introducing the "Start over" link

List of all activities that have the "Start over" link available:

  • Assigned and unassigned quizzes
  • Assigned and unassigned Unit Tests
  • Course Challenges (though you cannot assign these)
  • Unassigned exercises
  • Assigned exercises that have the “Different question set for each student” setting (please see the below screenshot for an example of this)


Activities that do not have the "Start over" link available :

  • Mastery Challenges
  • Assigned exercises, which have the “Same question set for all students” setting (please see the below screenshot for an example of this)


When clicked, the "Start over" link:

  • Returns the learner to the start of the activity they were working on.
  • Discards any potential mastery changes from that activity.
  • Retains learning time acquired on the activity before clicking the "Start over" link.

We are so excited to offer this feature and truly appreciate the many students, parents, and teachers who wrote in over the years describing how a feature like this would benefit learners. 

Below are some additional resources about the "Start Over" link:

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