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What happens to my Mastery and Energy points when I start an activity over?


Learners now have the option to start over midway through working on certain practice exercises, quizzes, or tests.


This article will outline what happens to Mastery and Energy points after starting over an activity before completing it. 

Mastery points

First, it’s necessary to understand how Mastery points work:

To earn Mastery points and achieve a new Mastery level, learners must first answer all questions in the practice exercise, quiz, or test they’re working on. Once they’ve answered the last question in the activity, Khan Academy recognizes it as completed and awards the Mastery points earned based on their performance.

If the learner decides to click the “Start over” link instead of completing the activity, our platform will not evaluate their performance on it. Therefore, their Mastery points, as well as their Mastery level, will remain the same as when they started that activity.

In other words, Mastery points will not change until the practice activity is completed.

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Energy points

Energy points behave differently than Mastery points. Every time a learner answers a question correctly, they earn Energy points as a reward. Then, once the practice activity has been completed, the learner will receive extra Energy points on top of the ones they’ve already earned. 

If the “Start over” link is clicked while working on an activity, the Energy points earned from the questions already answered before starting over will remain on the learner’s account. However, if the learner didn’t complete the task, they will not receive the extra points for completion.

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