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Getting started with Khan Academy in the Clever Library


Teachers can now find Khan Academy in the Clever Library for free! The Clever Library is a place for teachers to discover, learn about, and adopt new classroom resources.

Teachers who have access to Clever Library can install the Khan Academy Clever app and benefit from their classes' automatic rostering. Their students gain Single Sign-on (SSO) access, so no new user name or password to remember! If your district uses Clever, you’ll have access to these benefits whether you’re new to Khan Academy or already using us.

However, this article is for teachers new to using Clever with Khan Academy. If you have previously used our old integration via Clever (now deprecated), please follow the instructions in our help article Transitioning to Clever Library from old Khan district implementation instead.

To get started:

Log in to Clever, choose the Library tab at the top, and find Khan Academy by browsing or using the Library's search bar at the top of the page. You can also find Khan Academy in the publicly accessible Clever Library and then log in.


Next, click on the blue Install button for Khan Academy. 

After installing, click on the Khan Academy logo tile in your portal.


When you first install Khan Academy, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to share your class data with Khan Academy. Here, you can select which of your Clever teacher pages should have access to Khan Academy. 


Then you’ll be asked whether you want to create a new Khan Academy account or if you already have an existing school account you want to use:


Creating a New Account

If you don’t already have a Khan Academy account through your school, click Create a new account, confirm or enter your school email, and then click Sign up


This will create your new account, and your classes will automatically be rostered for you (this can take a few minutes the first time). After the rostering process is complete, you’ll be taken to your Teacher Dashboard:


You can also go to the Khan Academy website and sign up directly. To do this, click on the Sign-up link in the upper right corner of the home page, and then choose the sign up as a Teacher button. Click on the Continue with Clever:


If you choose that option and are already logged into Clever, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to share your class data with Khan Academy. Don't forget to select which teacher pages you'd like to have access to Khan Academy. 


If you’re not logged into Clever, you’ll be asked to do that first.


There’s one final step you’ll want to complete if you’re creating a new Khan Academy account via Clever Library, which is to verify the email you provided when you signed up.  You’ll receive an email that looks like this:


Click on the Link this email address button in the email. You’ll be brought to the Khan Academy login screen; click on the Continue with Clever option: 


This will enable you to verify your email with us, which will add it to your Settings under Email.

Logging into an Existing Account

If you already have a Khan Academy account through your school, click Log into your existing account. You can log in to that existing account using Google (click on Continue with Google) or enter your school email address and password.


Once you’ve logged into your Khan Academy account, you’ll be taken to your Teacher Dashboard, where you’ll see your Clever-rostered classes, as well as any other classes you had previously created. 

Student Registration After Class Creation

Note that there is no class code, and you should not give one out; your students need to complete their registration by logging into Clever and choosing the Khan Academy tile in their portal, then going through the steps to create or sign in to their account.

Once in your Teacher Dashboard, you’ll see that your classes have been created and your students have been rostered, but the class student count will show as zero. Once your students complete their registration and access Khan Academy through the Clever portal, you’ll see them in your Student Roster as normal. 

Until then, if you select one of your newly rostered classes, you’ll see that the students are listed as pending:


Once all of your students have completed this process, the number of students in your Khan Academy class(es) will match what you see in Clever for your roster, and you will be able to give them assignments or mastery goals. For more information on how to do this, check out our articles on creating assignments and mastery goals.

If your students haven’t completed signup by logging into Clever and choosing the Khan Academy tile, they won’t be reflected in your student count, and they’ll still show as pending in your Student Roster.

Check out our article for more information on how your students get started with Khan Academy through Clever.

Tips, Troubleshooting, and FAQs

There are a few other helpful things to know about how Khan Academy works with the Clever Library.

Syncing with Clever

Your student and class data in Khan Academy will sync with your Clever roster each time you log into your Khan Academy account, so if you’re missing updates, try logging out and back in again.

Information only syncs one way, from your school district’s SIS to Clever to Khan Academy. In other words, the Clever roster “rules”; we consider your Clever roster the source of truth. This means that any student additions made to your district or schools’ SIS will flow through to Clever and then on to Khan Academy, and you should not take any additional action in Khan Academy to add students. Additions to your rosters will automatically refresh the next time you log in.

Khan Academy receives minimal data on your students (first name and last initial only, and no email via the roster data). This means that you will see limited data on your students in your Teacher Dashboard, and email address updates made in Clever won’t flow through to Khan Academy.

Can I select specific classes to sync with Khan Academy?

At this time, Clever Library does not have a feature that allows teachers to select which classes roster with their Khan Academy account. However, you have the option to select which teacher pages on your Clever Library dashboard do or do not receive access to the Khan Academy app. 

To select teacher pages that gain access to Khan Academy, you can identify those classes here:


Removing a Class or Student

We currently err on the side of caution for removing a class or a student since there may be past student activity you want to retain in your Teacher Dashboard. If a student or class is removed from your roster in Clever, we’ll keep it in your Khan Academy account unless (or until) you manually delete the class or remove a student from your roster (at which point it will be permanently removed from your Khan Academy account).

However, remember that data only flows one way (from Clever to Khan Academy) and that it updates every time you log into your Khan Academy account. If you delete a student or class in your Teacher Dashboard, but they are still in your roster in Clever, then they will reappear the next time you log into Khan Academy, since the Clever roster is the source of truth.