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How do I set and view Course Mastery Placements/Goals?


Khan Academy’s mission is to offer a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. In order to move toward this mission, the Khan Academy team has been working on our Mastery system, which tracks a student's learning progress in all courses, across all devices, over time, and in many languages. For more information about how learners, including your students, will experience Course and Unit Mastery, check out this article

Note: While the Course Challenge can help learners achieve Mastery, the Course Challenge cannot be assigned.

To set Course Mastery Placements (also referred to as Goals):

  1. Select the course you want to teach .
  2. Click on Placement under the Course Mastery menu in the sidebar.
  3. Click Create goal.
  4. Make the necessary adjustments regarding the desired course, students, and due date and click Create goal.
  5. You will receive confirmation that the goal was created.

As with assignments, Mastery Placements have due dates. When you create these goals, they will appear on students' homepage and assignments tab.

Note: By default, Placement due dates are 6 months from the date created. Mastery_Goal_Assignments_on_Khan_Academy.png


Students will go through Khan Academy and collect Mastery Points when they level up in skills and units. They will also be prompted to work on the next relevant material after completing each task. For more information about Unit Mastery, check out this article.

Track your students' progress at the whole-class level to see how students are trending as a group.

Each student's Mastery percentage appears at the top of this page (the total Mastery points accumulated to-date over the total possible Mastery points possible to accumulate in that course), or you can hide student names to show data anonymously. 

We include a median percentage mastered figure as a quick way for you to track class progress. Hovering over the bars shows which students fall into each specific category. 


When clicking into a specific unit, you see the class's Unit Mastery, or progress towards Mastery of that specific unit (a percentage based on total Mastery Points accumulated in that unit/total available Mastery Points in that unit). Similar to Course Mastery, a bar chart visualizes class progress, and can hide student names to project anonymously. If you want to dig into individual skills to identify what to focus on in class, you can see each underlying skill and students' progress on that skill. Under the unit bar charts, you can see a breakdown of student performance on specific skills within the unit.


You can encourage your students' mastery of a specific unit at any time! Assign an exercise or other material to a class, group, or individual directly from the progress page.


For more information about the Mastery System, check out this article.

Also, please note that we will be continuing to improve these new features over the coming days and weeks, and this article will be updated regularly to reflect any changes!


Additionally, a new and cool progress tracker was created by our team! It was designed to be very complete, which allows teachers to easily follow their students' progress throughout their learning journeys, especially for those who teach several classes and subjects. Below is a sneak peek of what the progress tracker looks like:


Teachers can access it by clicking here, and they can also print it to use the tracker with their classes!