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How does automated rostering work for Khan Academy Districts accounts?


Khan Academy accounts who are part of a partner district and are enrolled in the Khan Academy Districts program have access to automated rostering via Clever and Classlink. 

With this automated rostering feature, our Clever SSO and Classlink SSO use the teacher's SIS data on the official district roster to automatically create classes on Khan Academy and roster their students into those classes

Since this feature keeps the classes automatically in sync with those set by the district in the official roster, some features behave differently on district-synced classes, including:

  • Teachers cannot add or remove students: Class rosters are automatically synced with the district roster, and any student added or removed from the district roster should be reflected on the Khan Academy class in the next 24 hours.
  • Teachers cannot edit students' display names: The display name will follow the naming rules set by the district on the official roster.
  • Teachers cannot change the class name: As with students' display names, classes will use the names set by the district. 
  • No other integration can be used in the same class: Because they're constantly being updated by the Clever Secure Sync integration, other integrations such as Google Classroom cannot be used with district-synced classes.
  • Students cannot remove district teachers: When rostered into district-synced classes, students will see a message indicating their teacher is district-synced.


Note: The above behaviors only apply to district-synced classes. Teachers can still create and edit their own classes on Khan Academy. They would just need to add their students to their classes manually.

Additional resource: How do I add new students to a class in my Teacher Dashboard? 


Please also note: Khan Academy occasionally pauses rostering to honor the winter holidays and office closures. These include:

    • Thanksgiving and the last two weeks of December through early January.
    • All pauses will be proactively communicated with districts, and any roster changes made over the holiday breaks will be reflected on Khan Academy when the Khan Academy offices reopen.