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Can I assign Khanmigo Activities to my students? 


Khanmigo is a helpful tutor for students while they are working on Khan Academy content and also offers a variety of stand-alone activities for students to interact with. We recognize though that students may also need specific guidance from teachers on how they should be interacting with Khanmigo during their time on Khan Academy. 

To aid with this, teachers who have students with Khanmigo through a Khan Academy Districts partnership can create Khanmigo assignments with custom titles and instructions for their students!

At this time, the below Khanmigo activities are assignable to your students: 

  1. Tutor Me: Math and Science
  2. Tutor Me: Humanities
  3. Refresh: Practice my Knowledge
  4. Extra: Ignite my curiosity
  5. Chat: Literary characters
  6. Chat: Historical figures

You can create a Khanmigo activity assignment in 2 ways: 

  1. From the new “Assign Khanmigo” option on your Teacher Dashboard

  1. On the Khanmigo activities page:  

In both these locations, click the blue “Assign” button to open up the assignment details popup. Here, you will fill out the below information: 

  • The assignment title for your students 
  • The assignment instructions for your students
  • Which class(es) and which student(s) should receive the assignment 
  • The start date and time 
  • The end date and time 

A few things to note for teachers about this feature: 

  • You cannot edit the assignment name or instructions after creating it, so please be careful when filling out this information.
  • You can edit the due date details, and which students are receiving the assignment from the Manage assignments section of your Teacher Dashboard   

  • Students who do not have Khannigo enabled on their account will be grayed out on the drop down list
  • Khanmigo does not grade your students’ responses to the assignment. 
    • On the assignment scores report, there will be a green check mark if the student has submitted the assignment. 
    • Then click on the check mark to be taken to the chat history to learn more about what the student chatted with Khanmigo about.
    • Please note: if the student submits the assignment multiple times, the Assignment scores report will link to the most recent submission. If you would like to see other submissions, please visit your student's chat history page through these steps

Curious how the assignment will look from your students’ side?

  • The Khanmigo assignment will show on their Learner Home just as any other Khan Academy assignment would. 
  • When they click on the assignment they will be taken to the Khanmigo Activities page and shown the instructions, the class name again, and the due date. 
  • Students need to click the “Submit assignment” and the “Yes, submit now” buttons in order for it to show as completed on your end 

  • Once the student submits the assignment, the submit button will be grayed out and the assignment will be marked as completed on their Learner home.  

  • If your student would like to re-submit the assignment so you can view their latest chat history, they can click the assignment link again from their Learner Home. They will be shown the below warning if they are submitting again on the same assignment:

We hope this article was helpful in understanding how to assign Khanmigo Activities to your students! We are excited for you to be able to customize Khanmigo in this way, and know your creativity will shine when creating these new assignments for your students. 

If you have questions or need assistance please reach out to our support team through this link. We are here and happy to help!