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Can a user have multiple coaches? Is there a way to add a co-teacher?


In July 2022, co-teaching functionality was introduced for classrooms in the MAP Accelerator and Khan Academy Districts programs. You can go here to learn more about these programs. If you do have a MAP Accelerator or Khan Academy Districts classroom, you can learn more about how to use this feature here: MAP Accelerator, Khan Academy Districts.

A user can have any number of coaches. However, there is not currently a way for teachers who are not part of MAP Accelerator or Khan Academy Districts to co-teach a class. This means that these teachers cannot see the assignments that are assigned by other accounts, and cannot see the results of those assignments. The only way to enable this functionality is using method (1) below.

Multiple coaches can, however, see the same students' progress and some of their data. There are two different ways for this to happen:

  1. One teacher sets up the class of students. Co-teachers can share the teacher's account instead of making their own.
  2. One teacher sets up the class of students. The additional teacher creates their own account. The same students add the class code of the additional teacher OR that teacher invites the students via email, and the students accept the invitations. NOTE: The two teacher accounts can't share assignments or other account-specific data, but all student activity and progress will show up for both teachers.

Note: Students will only have one login. You don't need to create multiple accounts for students!  Once your classes are set up, each coach will have equal access to each student's progress, but unless the teacher accounts are shared, assignment info will only be available to the teacher account from which it was assigned.

If you're a teacher who'd like to transfer your class and/or assignments for the next year's teacher, we do have a workaround!

While Assignments data (such as reports and scores, for example) is only visible for the teacher who created the class and can't be transferred, Course Mastery Goals can be used by the future teacher to leverage the work the students already did on their accounts.

Course Mastery Goals look at the mastery of an entire course, so any mastery already achieved by your students in that course is accounted for and should be retroactively updated! Please refer to our article: How do I set and view Course Mastery Placements/Goals? for more details.

This means that while the next year's teacher won't be able to access Assignments data (since they’re tied to the old class), any Mastery Goal the teacher sets on the new class should still consider the existing progress on the students’ accounts. They would need to create a new class, enroll their students, and create the Course Mastery Goal for them.