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Guide to Co-teaching for Khan Academy Districts + Learning Paths Teachers


In Summer 2022, Khan Academy introduced a new functionality for district-synced Khan Academy accounts. MAP Accelerator teachers and co-teachers are now able to access the same classes and students! This feature gives you more flexibility to coordinate with colleagues and support the academic progress of your shared students. 

The primary teacher is the main teacher a class is tied to in the roster, being its permanent owner. Other teachers added to the class are considered co-teachers. Co-teachers can do most actions the primary teacher can in a class but are never considered the owners of a class.

Co-teachers are able to:

  • Access all student data for the classes they are added as co-teacher.
  • Edit students’ settings if they are under 13 years old.
  • Set and review MAP Accelerator Placements.
  • Assign content and create course mastery goals.
  • Edit and delete assignments and course mastery goals.
  • Access all reports and monitor student progress.

Note: Only primary teachers receive weekly class emails from Khan Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a co-teacher to my MAP Accelerator classes?
Co-teachers must be designated in your district’s roster before they can be reflected on Khan Academy. This means, in order to have a co-teacher for a class, the information must be added by your district to the roster. This cannot be done within Khan Academy.

How do I know if I have a co-teacher added to my Khan Academy classes?

Go to your class dashboard and click Settings. In the class settings, you can view any additional teachers with access to a particular class and each teacher’s role.


Do the standard Khan Academy rostering limits also apply to classes with co-teachers?

Yes. As explained in this article, some features might load slowly or be disabled when primary or co-teachers go over 100 students in a single class or 1,000 students across all of their classes.

What happens if a co-teacher is removed from my class?

If a co-teacher is removed from the class, the class remains intact as long as the primary teacher is not changed.

Can the primary teacher of a class be changed or removed?

The primary teacher is the owner of the class and cannot be changed. If the district removes the primary teacher from the roster, the class will be deleted for both the primary and co-teacher(s). This means that the class, including all Placements, assignments, and teacher reporting data, will be deleted from the Khan side as well. This cannot be undone.

This also means that we don’t currently offer the ability to transfer classes to a different primary teacher.

Can I have more than one co-teacher for my class(es)?

Yes, you can! However, this cannot be done by the teacher on their Khan Academy account. The co-teachers must be designated in your district’s class roster before they can be reflected on Khan Academy. 

A co-teacher deleted an assignment I created. How do I get it back?

When an assignment is deleted, it cannot be recovered by any of the class's teachers, or by the Support Team at NWEA. Deleting an assignment will remove it from both your assignments page and your students’ assignments pages.

How can we see which teacher created an assignment?

At the moment, teachers cannot see which teacher created or deleted an assignment.

My district has MAP Accelerator. Can I have co-teaching in my non-district-synced classes, too?

If your district has set up MAP Accelerator for you, only classes synced with your district as part of that program can be shared among multiple teachers.

This co-teaching feature relies upon the flow of rostering information from your district's SIS to your MAP Accelerator classes. Without the district connection, it is not possible to add a co-teacher at this time.

Need help? If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, please contact NWEA at or 866-329-2315.

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