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How do I enter math symbols in an exercise?


Hello, brilliant learners! We've got some tips to make your math journey smoother when completing math exercises. Let's dive into using our math keypad and LaTeX commands.

The Math Keypad

When using the math keypad, note that it changes based on the exercise, showing only the symbols you need.

On desktop computers:

Spot a button near the exercise input? Click it to reveal or hide the math keypad.

screenshot of a khan academy math exercise with a red box around the button that opens the math keypad

On Mobile:

For math inputs, a special keypad pops up automatically.

screenshot of a mobile khan academy math exercise. focus is on an input and the math keypad is open


LaTeX: Your Math Typing Tool

Some exercises have a special keypad for math symbols. But sometimes, you'll need to type them. That's where LaTeX comes in handy. Here are some common LaTeX commands:

Multiplication: Use an asterisk (). E.g., "3*4"

Division: Use a slash (/). E.g., "3/4". For operations in the numerator or denominator, use parentheses. E.g., "12/(5n)" or "(n+3)/6"

Square root: Type "sqrt(x)". E.g., "sqrt(3)"

Pi: Type "pi"

Theta (θ): Type "theta"

Powers or exponents: Use a caret (^). E.g., "4^5"

Fractional exponents: Use a caret (^) and type the fraction in parentheses. E.g., "x^(1/3)"

Greater than or equal to: Type ">="

Less than or equal to: Type "<="

Logarithms: For base 10, enter "log(x)". For natural logarithms, enter "ln(x)"

Logarithms with other bases: Enter as "log_b(n)", where b is the base and n is the number


There are many more LaTeX commands to explore. Keep learning, keep growing!