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How do I enter math expressions with Khanmigo?


Entering math expressions when chatting with Khanmigo is easy, thanks to our "math keys" tool!  Additionally, Khanmigo also understands LaTeX, a text-based way to write math. Find out more below.

Chatting Math with Khanmigo

If you are chatting with Khanmigo and want to enter some specific math language:

  • Click the "Math keys" button
    • The keypad will appear. Toggle it on or off as needed.Screenshot of a chat with Khanmigo with a red box around the bottom underneath the text input that opens the math keypad
  • Use the keypad or type in LaTeX to write your equation. Add regular text for context.Screenshot of a chat with Khanmigo. Focus in on an input and the math keypad is open
  • Hit "Send message" and let Khanmigo assist you!

LaTeX: Your Math Typing Tool

Some exercises have a special keypad for math symbols. But sometimes, you'll need to type them. That's where LaTeX comes in handy. Here are some common LaTeX commands:

Multiplication: Use an asterisk (). E.g., "3*4"

Division: Use a slash (/). E.g., "3/4". For operations in the numerator or denominator, use parentheses. E.g., "12/(5n)" or "(n+3)/6"

Square root: Type "sqrt(x)". E.g., "sqrt(3)"

Pi: Type "pi"

Theta (θ): Type "theta"

Powers or exponents: Use a caret (^). E.g., "4^5"

Fractional exponents: Use a caret (^) and type the fraction in parentheses. E.g., "x^(1/3)"

Greater than or equal to: Type ">="

Less than or equal to: Type "<="

Logarithms: For base 10, enter "log(x)". For natural logarithms, enter "ln(x)"

Logarithms with other bases: Enter as "log_b(n)", where b is the base and n is the number


There are many more LaTeX commands to explore. Keep learning, keep growing!