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What are the Community Guidelines for Khanmigo?


The goal of Khanmigo is to help learners develop critical thinking and understand Khan Academy content more deeply. Following these guidelines will help you use Khanmigo safely and effectively.

How can you use Khanmigo effectively?

Be clear and specific with your questions. 

  • When asking a question or inputting a problem into Khanmigo (or any language model), be as clear and specific about the topic as possible. 

  • Provide all the necessary information and context to help the model understand what you're asking for. This will help ensure that you receive an accurate and helpful response.

Check multiple sources. 

  • While Khanmigo can be a great resource for learning and understanding, it's always a good idea to check multiple sources to verify the information. 

  • Don't rely solely on the response from Khanmigo, but also consult textbooks, articles, or other trusted sources for additional context.

Practice critical thinking. 

  • When using Khanmigo to learn or solve a problem, don't just accept the response at face value. Practice critical thinking and try to understand the reasoning behind the response. This will help you better understand the concept and improve your problem-solving skills.

What is considered misuse of Khanmigo?

Using (or trying to get Khanmigo to use) any kind of inappropriate or offensive language. 

  • Khan Academy is a community of learners of all ages, from all around the world, and we want it to be a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable learning. Even though chat histories are private to you (and your teacher and/or parent), Khan Academy is never a place where it’s OK to engage in inappropriate conversations. There are many other places on the internet where that kind of language is more welcome.
  • When thinking about what might be inappropriate language for Khan Academy, consider what might be an appropriate discussion to have within earshot of an elementary school classroom.

Use of Khanmigo for non-educational purposes.

  • The goal of Khanmigo is to help learners develop critical thinking and understand Khan Academy content more deeply, and we do not support non-educational uses of it.

  • Running and maintaining Khanmigo takes up limited Khan Academy resources, and using it for non-educational purposes can waste those.

  • Additionally, at this time only a limited number of people are able to access Khanmigo, and we want it to be used by people who are getting real educational value from it.

  • Asking Khanmigo to do your classwork for you is considered a non-educational use of it. Khanmigo is here to help you think through your work like a tutor would, not shortcut your way to an answer.

People who misuse Khanmigo may have their access to it restricted. If you’re a minor, the teacher or parent connected to your Khan Academy account will be notified of any flagged messages. If you feel like your access has been incorrectly restricted, please submit an appeal form. We will review your submission and get back to you within 3 business days.

Note: These guidelines will grow and evolve over time as we learn more about how learners, parents, and teachers are using this new technology. In the meantime, Khanmigo is an all-ages tool for learning, so we are erring on the side of safety and educational value when it comes to content that might fall into a gray area.