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Is there a limit to the number of students I can roster and the number of classes I can create?


Because of the amount of information that needs to be processed for each student, rostering more than 100 students in a single class or more than 1000 students in a single account will lead to issues with your teacher account, such as:

  • Delays in displaying the student roster
  • Issues loading some pages, such as the Teacher Dashboard, which may affect accessing reporting and assignment features.

Here's an example of what you might see if your account has more than the recommended number of rostered students in a class or your teacher account:


Once you have exceeded the recommended limit of rostered students, a warning banner will appear at the top of the Teacher Dashboard, stating: Some features might load slowly or be disabled when you have over 100 students in a class or over 1000 students total.


If you start having trouble with your student roster or with loading pages in your Teacher Dashboard and the warning banner has appeared in your Teacher Dashboard, the best solution is to un-roster as many students as you can. The number of rostered students must remain under 100 students per class and 1000 total students per teacher account.


As long as you maintain student numbers under this limit, you are not limited to the number of classes you can create. 


If you must coach or need data on more than 100 students per class or 1000 students total, we recommend that you create multiple Khan Academy accounts to host different classes and prevent running into this issue.