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How does my child remove coaches on the mobile app?


Children under the age of 13 cannot remove coaches unless the parent has enabled the Can add other coaches option in the child’s account settings.

Because the Android and iOS apps don't currently have the Parent dashboard, parents can only enable or disable the addition of other coaches on their child’s account from their Parent dashboard on the website

Parents can click here for more information on how to add or remove coaches on their child’s account from their Parent dashboard.

Removing Coaches in the Mobile App

If you've enabled the Can add other coaches option for your child, they can remove a coach in their mobile app by going to Settings and then Manage teachers.

Once there, they can tap the red minus icon next to the teacher they'd like to remove.


They'll be prompted to confirm that they understand removing the teacher will mean that they won't receive future assignments from them; if so, they can tap Remove and the teacher will be removed.


Note: Your child won't be able to remove any teachers listed under the District-Assigned Teachers section, since these are teachers and classes managed by your child's school.