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What reporting options are available for teachers to track student performance?


Khan Academy offers teachers insight to track their students' work on both assigned and unassigned content. This article will give you an overview of the different places you can find information about your students' performance on Mastery goals, Assignments, and any unassigned work your students have done on Khan Academy. 

Once you have logged into your Khan Academy account and selected a class from your Teacher Dashboard, you will see the below options on the lefthand menu which offer data about student performance:

These options are listed below, along with a quick description of their functionality, and link to a Help Center article with more information about how to use them: 

  • Activity Overview: offers data about student work on both assigned and unassigned content.
    • These interactive and customizable reports allow teachers to drill into student work by many different metrics including learning time, skill comprehension, and Mastery levels. 
    • Additional Resource: How do I use the Activity Overview reports? 
  • Mastery Goals - Progress: offers insight about your students' progress towards their assigned Course or Unit Mastery goals.
  • Assignments - Scores: shows your students' scores and completion information for individual assignments they have been tasked with.
  • Assignments - Manage: gives teachers access to the Responses and Completion reports. These show each of the students responded to the questions on the assignment, or who completed the video or article in its entirety.
  • Individual Student Skills Report: Offers specific data about a student's work across all of Khan Academy, including learning time, skills worked on, and access to that students' settings. 

Below is a clip showing the different report options from the Teacher Dashboard: 

Teacher Reporting Options Gif.gifWe hope this article has helped you understand what reporting options Khan Academy offers for teachers to monitor progress, and pointed you in the right direction to find the report options that best meet your classroom needs.

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