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How do I view my students' performance and progress?


You can track your students' performance and progress toward both class assignments and the Mastery goals you've set.

Using the Assignment Scores Report

You can view an Assignment report for any student by clicking on Scores under Assignments in the left sidebar. 


If you want to see a single student's performance on an individual assignment, click their score.

Report_by_Score.pngIf you want to see an individual student's performance on all assignments, click their name.


To switch between students, click on the Switch Students dropdown and select a different student.


If you would like to focus on a specific time period, use the time filter. This will allow you to sort assignments by the due date that you can customize. This is helpful if you grade your Khan Academy reports every week, for example.


Using the Course Mastery Progress Report

You can track your students' mastery progress at the course level to see how the class is trending as a whole in the Course Mastery Progress Report.


Teachers see each student's mastery percentage (the total mastery points accumulated to date over the total possible mastery points to accumulate in that course). Teachers also can look at the bar chart to visualize how their class is trending towards its goals.

At the top of the screen, you will see overall course mastery percentages for each of the students in your class (A), and a bar chart showing the distribution of course mastery progress for the class. (B)

A circle above the bar chart indicates the class median for overall course mastery. (C)


We include a median percentage mastered figure as a quick way for teachers to track class progress. Hovering over the bars shows which students fall into each specific category. Teachers can also elect to hide students - which collapses individual students' names and allows for teachers to project course mastery while maintaining privacy. 


Below overall course mastery, you will find mastery progress for each of the units in the course. Select any unit, by clicking on the unit name or unit bar chart to look at that unit's mastery more closely.


On the unit progress page, you can view overall unit progress by the student, and the class distribution on a bar chart, similar to overall course mastery (A).

You can also view mastery progress for each individual skill in the unit (B).


Click skills to open them and look more closely at that skill and view which level of mastery each student has achieved for the given skill. You can open multiple skills at once in this view.