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How do I edit or delete my students' Course or Unit Mastery goals?


Mastery goals are long-term learning targets to use with your students. We realize though that plans change and the Course or Unit Mastery goal you first set may need to be edited or deleted. Whether it is because your student roster has changed, your students are working at a different pace, or the goal needs to be deleted entirely, Course and Unit Mastery goals are flexible to help meet your classroom's needs. 

In this article we will go over how to: 

  1. Edit the due date for your Mastery goals 
  2. Adjust which students are assigned the Mastery goals 
  3. Delete a Mastery goal 

First up, let's go over how to view which Mastery goals you have already assigned. To do this, please follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Log into your Khan Academy account. Click your name in the top right-hand corner, then select the “Teacher Dashboard” from the dropdown list. 

Step 2Select which class you would like to view the Mastery goals for. 

Step 3: On the left-hand menu bar, click the “Progress” option, which is located below the “Mastery Goals” section.  This will take you to the "Mastery goal progress" page where you can view all the goals you have assigned.

Next, let's go over how to edit and delete Mastery goals.

To edit a Mastery goal:

There are two settings you can adjust for Mastery goals: the students assigned the goal and the due date of the goal. Please follow the below steps to edit these settings for your Mastery goal: 

  1. When on the "Mastery goal progress" screen, click on the "..."
  2. Click on "Edit goal
  3. From there, you can change which students have been assigned the goal and the due date of the goal. 
  4. Click "Save changes"

Please note: if any of your students join your class after you have assigned the Mastery goal, you will need to manually assign it to them through this "Edit goal" setting, or make a new Mastery goal for them on the "Assign" page. This article has further instructions on how to do this.

To delete a Mastery goal:

  1. When on the "Mastery goal Progress" screen, click on the "..."
  2. Click on "Delete goal" 
  3. Click the red "Delete goal" button on the popup. 

Below is a gif showing how to edit and delete a Mastery goal:Edit or delete mastery goals.gif

We hope this article was helpful in showing the different features of Mastery goals! If you would like more information about Khan Academy's Mastery system, please check out the below resources: 

For additional help and support, please reach out to our support team here! We are happy to help.