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How do I import my Google Classroom roster to Khan Academy?


Teachers who are using Google Classroom can import their student roster to Khan Academy to quickly set up their class.

Teachers can import their Google Classroom student roster to an existing class or by creating a new class. Note: We're only importing your roster from Google Classroom, not assignment data.

When creating a new class, click Add new class from your Teacher Dashboard. You’ll be prompted to click on add a new class. 

1. Click on Import class name from Google Classroom.


You’ll be asked to give Khan Academy permission to see which classes you teach on Google Classroom. Once you do that, choose the class that you want to import to Khan Academy.

Note: You’ll be able to see each classroom's title (name), but not the sections.

Once the class is created you will be able to view a final message stating the following:


Next, you’ll be prompted to Step 2. Choose the subject(s) that you would like your students to start learning, then click Next until you are able to click Done.


All set! You’ll notice that your newly created class in Khan Academy has adopted the classroom name from the rostered classroom. You can always later change its name from your class's settings.

What’s next?

Students who do not have a Khan Academy account will receive email invitations to join Khan Academy and become students in your newly created class. If they already have a Khan Academy account registered to the email address they’re using with Google Classroom, they will receive email invitations to join your class.

You’ll notice that students who have not joined Khan Academy will show as Pending invitations on your Coach Dashboard under the Students tab.


These students will need to accept the invitation that was sent to their email by clicking on Join, and will then be prompted to create an account. Once the student has completed this step, you will no longer see that student under Pending invitations.


For students who have an existing Khan Academy account, they will be prompted to login after clicking View coach.

Finally, it's important for you to note that your roster at Khan Academy will not sync automatically with Google Classroom. In other words, if a new student joins your Google Classroom, you'll have to update your class roster at Khan Academy to re-sync with Google Classroom.

To do this, visit the Settings page within the class that was previously rostered, and just click Sync with Google Classroom. Update sync will never delete students from your Khan Academy class; it will only add students who are not already in your class. In addition, importing will never change your Google Classroom roster.


Once you’ve got your Google Classroom and Khan Academy accounts set up, check out this article on how to share Khan Academy content on Google Classroom!