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How can I share Khan Academy content to my classes on Google Classroom?


Starting December 2016, teachers, coaches and students have an easy way to share and post videos and articles from Khan Academy onto Google Classroom. We’re hoping this will provide a quick way to integrate different technology in your classroom seamlessly. Here’s how! 

Note: This requires a free Google Classroom account.

To share, find the Share to Google Classroom button, which is currently available for all videos and articles on Khan Academy. Clicking on this button will prompt you to log in using your Google Classroom/Google Apps for Education account. After signing in, you will find the Share to Classroom screen:

Teachers are allowed to create an assignment, ask a question, or make an announcement on Google Classroom. Students are able to post to an existing assignment made by a teacher on Google Classroom. 

Note: Assignments, questions, and announcements are all on Google Classroom.  

Before posting, teachers and students can customize a message, provide a due date, or add a topic header for Google Classroom.

Khan Academy content is now shared to Google Classroom!

Are you a Google Classroom user? Have feedback? Please let us know in this forum!