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Helping your students prepare for the Digital SAT on Khan Academy


The SAT has gone digital! While this means the Official SAT Prep product from Khan Academy has been deprecated, Khan Academy is still the official partner of College Board and is here to provide you with redesigned tools to prepare students for success on the digital SAT.

Khan Academy offers 2 courses to help students prepare for the Digital SAT: 

  1. Digital SAT Math
  2. Digital SAT Reading and Writing 

You can help students prepare for the Digital SAT through the following methods: 

  1. Setting Course and Unit Mastery Goals for the Digital SAT Courses: The Digital SAT courses are Mastery enabled, meaning you can make Mastery Goals for your students to work on! 
    - Course Mastery Goals are longer term goals where students aim to get 80% mastered on all the content in a course
    - Unit Mastery Goals are for students to get proficient or mastered in one unit in a course
    - Additional Resources:
    How do I create Course or Unit Mastery Goals for my students? and How do Khan Academy's Mastery levels work? 

  1. Making Individual Assignments for your Students: Assign your students the Course Challenge from the Digital SAT courses to gauge where they stand in all the skills in the course.  
    - Then you can assign them particular assignments from content in the course based on how they performed on the Course Challenge
    - Additional Resources: How do I create assignments? and How do I edit or delete assignments?
  1. Using Khan Academy’s Teacher Reports to Monitor Student Progress: Khan Academy offers many different reporting options for teachers to track their students’ work! The below list gives an overview of the different reports: 

  1. Have students take the free full length practice tests on College Board’s Bluebook app.  
  • Students will no longer be able to take full-length practice tests for the Digital SAT on Khan Academy - instead these will be available for free on College Board’s Bluebook app
  • We also no longer support linking of College Board and Khan Academy accounts or importing existing scores of any previously-taken SATs. 
  • However, College Board’s Bluebook app will provide students who take practice tests with a custom link to review their answers – and corresponding rationales and practice resources – on Khan Academy.
    First practice SAT with blue book. Does this translate well to the actual  test or the paper one? : r/Sat

We hope this resource was helpful in understanding how to support your students in their preparation for the Digital SAT! If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support Team through this link! We are happy to help.