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How do I view my child's profile?


Your child's profile shows their unique username, coaches, learning history, and accomplishments. If your child is under age 13, only you, your child, and your child's other coaches will be able to see your child's profile. You can learn more about how Khan Academy protects students under age 13 here.

If you have selected Parent as your Home page in your Settings, the Parent page will be the first you see after logging in. You can always return to this view by clicking the Khan Academy logo at the top of every Khan Academy page. 

If you do not see the Parent homepage when you do this, you must first change your Homepage under Roles in your account Settings. Instructions for changing your role can be found here.

To view your child's profile, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're on the Parent dashboard 

  2. Your children should be listed. To view, scroll over their name and click your child's account name.

  3. Your child's profile page will load and you'll be able to see their progress.

  4. You'll then be able to switch to a different tab to view different information. In each tab you will find the following information:

    • Progress tab shows information about what your child has learned on Khan Academy. 
      • Which math skills are in each level (attempted, familiar, proficient, mastered)
      • Name of the videos watched and the amount of time spent watching videos for each date
      • Activity per day, showing what skills were worked on, what videos were watched, and how many energy points were earned for each day
      • Breakdown per videos and skills. Showing how many problems were done or videos were watched for a specific skill.

    • Profile tab shows the following: 
      • Badges that your child has already earned as well as the badges they can earn in the future
      • Streaks which are the number of days your child has consecutively worked on Khan Academy
      • Discussion activity 
      • Projects that your child has created with our computer programming curriculum

    • Teachers tab allows you to see a list of your child’s current coaches and choose whether your child is able to add other coaches.

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