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Does Khan Academy provide audio support or read aloud for its content?


Although our videos include sound and captions, our site doesn't currently have the ability to read word problems out loud to users. We are a small non-profit with a large mission, and while we hear the desire for read-aloud support, we are not currently able to offer it within our product.

However, we encourage you to experiment with the third-party web browser read-aloud extensions that are available, as they are advancing in their capabilities and may work for your needs. 

A few favorite screenreader options are the Chrome Vox which is built into Chromebooks, the Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader and Read&Write which are both Google Chrome browser extensions.

While we do some testing with these products, we cannot verify if they will work or not for your specific needs. As with any service, please make sure you are comfortable with this read-aloud extension's terms and privacy practices before using it.

Additional resources about accessibility options to use with your students are below: