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Does Khanmigo have a read-aloud or Text-to-speech feature?


Khanmigo offers users a Text-to-Speech feature for those who would prefer to hear Khanmigo talk to them instead of reading Khanmigo’s responses on their screen.

This article will cover the below aspects of the read-aloud feature, also known as Text-to-Speech.

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What can Khanmigo read out loud to me?

Khanmigo can speak its own responses on the Activities Page and chat windows out loud to you.

  • Please note: on writing activities like the Give feedback on my academic essay, Check for problems in my admissions essay, and Create a lesson plan, Khanmigo cannot read out the passages you are writing. It can only speak the responses it offers in the sidebar. 

Khanmigo cannot read Khan Academy content (like articles, practice exercises, or tests) or other aspects of the Khan Academy outloud to you. 

What devices and browsers does the Text-to-Speech feature work on? 

Text-to-Speech is optimized to work best on all of Khan Academy’s supported browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari) 

Text-to-speech is also available on the Khan Academy iOS mobile app version v8.0.0, mobile web, and desktop web. At this time, Text-to-speech is not available on the Khan Academy Android Mobile App. 

What languages can Khanmigo talk in?

At this time, the Khanmigo Text-to-Speech feature is optimized to work in English only.

How do I select a voice for Khanmigo to talk to me in?

  • The first time you set up Khanmigo’s voice, the below messages will pop up on your screen. Here, you can listen to the different voices and select your preference. 

After this initial setup, you can change Khanmigo’s voice at any time in the Khanmigo Preferences section, which can be accessed in 3 places: 

  1. On the Khanmigo Activities page by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the battery icon, followed by the "Preferences" link from the dropdown

  1. On any Khanmigo chat window by opening the Khanmigo chat window through clicking the Khanmigo icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, then click on the 3 dots to the right of the battery icon, followed by the "Preferences" link from the dropdown.  

  1. On your Learner Home in the "Khanmigo Settings" section. You can get to your Learner Home by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner, followed by "Learner home" from the dropdown list.  

How do I use Text-to-speech? Where do I click so I can hear Khanmigo talk?

In order to hear Khanmigo speak to you please follow the below steps:

  1. Click the headphones icon which is available in both the Khanmigo Activities page and chat windows. You will then notice a confirmation in the chat saying Khanmigo voice enabled.  
    • If you haven’t selected a voice yet for Khanmigo before clicking the headphones icon, you will be prompted to choose one

  1. Have a conversation with Khanmigo as normal through typing your thoughts, or clicking the microphone icon to say your response to Khanmigo.
  2. Khanmigo will send its response as text first, and then read its response out loud to you. You will notice 2 things as it is responding out loud to you: 
    • The section Khanmigo is saying out loud will be highlighted 
    • A blue audio wavelength icon will appear below the headphones icon, indicating Khanmigo is talking 
    • Please note: If you are seeing the text being highlighted and the blue audio wavelength icon, but not hearing Khanmigo speak, check the audio settings on your device to ensure the volume is turned up.

  1. Click the ►icon to the right of Khanmigo’s message to replay it
  2. If you want to disable Khanmigo from talking, click the headphones icon again. You will then notice the confirmation message stating Khanmigo voice disabled.

We hope this article was helpful in understanding Khanmigo’s Text-to-Speech feature! If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to our Support Team through this link. We are happy to help!