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How can I adjust a student's settings, such as their username or password?


Teachers who have accepted the Teacher Terms of Service in their account settings can access and change some of their students' settings, including their account passwords from their Teacher Dashboards.

In order to access these features, be sure to confirm that you are associated with a school by checking the “I am a Teacher” box in the school selector in your account settings. Please carefully read the requirements before making this selection.


In addition to being able to adjust students passwords, teachers can also modify their students' nickname, username, gender, primary language, date of birth, and accessibility settings.

To view or make changes to a student's settings, go to your Teacher Dashboard, and then select the class the student is in. 



Once in the class, click on Students in the left navigation menu (found under Admin).


Once you are in the class, go to the Student Roster page shown below. From there, click on the student for whom you wish to modify settings.


When you click a student's name, you will be able to see the option for Settings right next to Assignments. If the student is younger than 13 years old, you'll be able to update their information (such as change their username, password, or birthdate).


You can make the necessary changes to the student's settings from this page directly.  Please be sure to click Save changes once you are done. 



Note: If a student who is younger than 13 has a parent attached to their account and their parent has selected OFF for the “can add coaches” setting, that student will not be able to add teachers until this setting is adjusted, and their parent will have to adjust their settings for them.