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How do I create child accounts?


 If you're a parent and you already have a Khan Academy account, you can visit this page and click the Add your child button. (If you don't have an account for yourself yet, go to this link to create one.)

Once you click Add your child, you will be asked to enter your child's birthday:

Your child's birthday is needed to determine permissions.  Accounts for students younger than 13 are managed by a parent to protect the child's privacy. You can find more information about accounts for students younger than 13 here.

If Your Child is Younger Than Age 13

You will get a form to fill in for your child (note that the account is a restricted child account):


Fill in the form and click Next to create the account.

If Your Child is Age 13 or Older 

You will be asked if your child has an email address.  If your child has an email address you may either send your child an invitation to join Khan Academy, or you could create the account for your child:

If your child does not have an email address (or you choose to create the account yourself) you will get a form similar to the form if your child were younger than 13:



Fill in the form and click Next.

Multiple Children

If you have more children you can continue creating accounts now by clicking Add another child.

In addition, you can click Add your child from your parent homepage at any time.

After Account Creation

After you have created your child account(s) you can return to your homepage and log out and your child can log into his/her account. 

Note: Always remember to log out of your account when you are done using it and teach your child to do the same! We frequently get reports of progress being made on the wrong account because parents or children forgot to log out.

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