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How are child / restricted accounts different from regular accounts?

Some features are restricted or modified in child accounts to help protect the privacy of our Under-13 users. Some of the most notable differences are:
  • Any parent who creates an account for their child becomes the permanent guardian and teacher of the child. Child accounts can be created with parental approval; if this is not obtained, the account will be deleted after 7 days. 
  • Child accounts cannot add personal information to a profile. Parents may add personal information to the account profile through the Parent Account settings. The account can be deleted anytime through Account Settings. 
  • Child accounts cannot disclose any personal information, except for username and progress data to a teacher added to the account through a class. Additionally, a Parent can prohibit, approve, or deny teacher access through their Parent Account. 
  • These accounts cannot participate in forum discussions, or post questions/answers.  
  • However, they can create programs:
    • The Child User’s teacher can see the program and the username who created it
    • The program will not appear in any public lists
    • No one will be able to upvote the program.
  • The maintenance of a child account is reserved only for the use of one of the parents or legal guardians. Violation of this policy may result in the deletion of that account in its entirety.
  • They cannot receive email reports and newsletters from Khan Academy. All communications from Khan Academy will be sent to the Parent or School email associated with the account, if any. 

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