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What data is included on the Administrator Homepage?


Khan Academy provides many reports for administrators to monitor and track learning progress with. This article will give you an overview of the Administrator Homepage, which is designed for administrators to quickly receive a high-level overview of a variety of data and connect you to helpful resources. 

The key features of the Administrator Homepage are outlined below:

  1. Activation Summary: shows the number of students who have been rostered, activated and started a Khan Academy activity
  2. Resources: Links to helpful resources applicable to administrators
  3. Skills to Proficient and Above Summary: Average that is calculated by taking the total number of skills which reached the Proficient or Mastered level by activated students in the district and dividing it by the total number of activated students
  4. Khanmigo Usage Summary: only if the district has Khanmigo licenses added to their rostered users. Shows how often and for what students are using Khanmigo for
  5. Learning Time Summary: Learning time by active students including Khanmigo usage
  6. Skills Leveled up Summary: Average that is calculated by taking the total number of skills which reached the Attempted, Familiar, Proficient or Mastered levels by activated students in the district and dividing it by the total number of activated students 

Learning Paths tab:
If your district has purchased Khan Academy Districts + Learning Paths linked to MAP Growth licenses, you will see an additional tab with similar data to the Overall tab:

  • Activation Summary, Skills to Prof+ Summary for Learning Paths skills, Learning Time Summary for Learning Paths skills, Skills Leveled up Summary for Learning Paths skills

To navigate to the Administrator Homepage please follow the below steps: 

  1. Log into your Khan Academy administrator account
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Click “Administrator Dashboard” from the dropdown menu
  4. You can also get to the Homepage from anywhere on your Administrator Dashboard by clicking the "Home" option on the lefthand sidebar  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I filter the homepage to see data from particular schools in my district?

  • Answer: Yes! There is a schools filter in the top right corner of the Administrator Homepage. You can select one or multiple schools

Question: How does the homepage handle students who are no longer rostered? 

  • Answer: The only place you will be able to see data for students who are no longer rostered, will be on the downloadable CSVs only, which are available on the “Export Student Data” tab. 

Question:  Can I adjust the date ranges shown on the Administrator Homepage?

  • Answer: Not on the Homepage, which is programmed to show data from throughout the school year. If you would like more customizable date ranges, we recommend using the Administrator reports, which are highly customizable. 

Question: Do I see the information from all the work the rostered students in my district have done on the Administrator Homepage? 

  • Answer: The Skills to Proficient+, Learning Minutes, and Skills leveled up metrics show the work students have done in class context, meaning only on Khan Academy courses that have been added by the teacher to the district synced class. 

We hope this article was helping you understand the Administrator Homepage! If you have questions or need additional support, please reach out to your Districts Success Manager, or contact the Khan Academy Support team. We are here to help and thank you for choosing Khan Academy Districts!