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What teacher tools are available on Khanmigo?


Khanmigo offers a variety of features built for teachers. Our goal is for Khanmigo to help make your teaching experience both on and outside of Khan Academy easier and more effective. 

Here are some ways you can use Khanmigo to help with your teaching: 

1. Khanmigo Tools Page: Your hub for over 25 teacher-focused Khanmigo activities, including:

  • Create a lesson plan
  • IEP Assistant 
  • Exit Ticket + Rubric Generator
  • Multiple Choice Assessment 
  • Report Card Comments + Letter of Recommendation
  • Refresh my Knowledge 
  • Recommend Assignments 
    • Offers suggestions on what Khan Academy content your students should work on next, and the ability to assign it to them on the spot!
  • Class Snapshot
    • Gives you a high-level analysis of your students’ work over the past 7 days, including their learning time, assignment completion data, course mastery progress and more!)

You will find this page on your Teacher Dashboard. If you have Khanmigo enabled on your account and log in to Khan Academy, your account’s homepage will also be the Khanmigo Tools Page. 

This Blog Post has the full list of Khanmigo teacher tools, along with videos on how to use them! 

2. The "My Documents" section on the Teacher Dashboard: Contains the materials you create with Khanmigo and would like to refer back to, export, or edit. You will find this section on the Teacher Dashboard under the "Resources" tab.

3. Khanmigo on your Teacher Dashboard + Khan Academy Courses

If you are part of a Khan Academy Districts Partnership, or have a paid Khanmigo plan, you will have access to a Khanmigo chat window in the bottom lefthand side of your screen. When this is opened, teacher-focused prompts will be pre-populated for you. 

These include: 

  • Help me find the right instructional content. 
  • Tell me more about this unit 
  • Help me explain a concept!

These prompts are ideas of what you can turn to Khanmigo for help. You can click on one of the prompts, and then type in your own conversation topic directly into the text bot. In the chat window, Khanmigo can also accomplish the tasks on the Khanmigo Tools page, including making a lesson plan, rubric, and exit ticket questions. 

We hope the Khanmigo Teacher Tools save you time and offer assistance in your teaching practice. We also are continuously improving the Khanmigo teacher tools and encourage you to leave feedback about your Khanmigo interactions! 

For more in-depth training on using the Khanmigo teacher tools, we also recommend the Introduction to Khanmigo section of the Khan for Educators course, Khan Academy's Youtube page, and this blog post: Khanmigo Features - Khan Academy Blog

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