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What safety features does Khanmigo have?


As a nonprofit educational organization, Khan Academy sees it as our responsibility to explore what AI could mean for the future of education. We believe that AI has the potential to transform learning in a positive way, but we are also keenly aware of the risks. For this reason, we have incorporated the following practices and features into Khanmigo: 

  1. We are committed to an ethical and responsible AI development process that puts the needs of students and teachers first.
  2. We use moderation technology to detect interactions that may be inappropriate, harmful or unsafe. 
  3. Every child who has access to Khanmigo receives clear communication that their chat history and activities are visible to parents or guardians and, if applicable, their teacher. 
  4. When the moderation system is triggered, it automatically notifies and sends an email to an adult connected to the child’s account. 
  5. We limit the amount of interaction individuals can have with the AI per day because we have observed that extended interactions are more likely to lead to poor AI behavior. 
  6. Our in-product messaging clearly states the limitations of the artificial intelligence technology Khanmigo uses. 
  7. We have built-in feedback features, so users like you can easily bring any questions or concerns directly to the Khan Academy team.