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What happens if my child or student's Khanmigo conversation gets flagged?


We use moderation technology to detect Khanmigo interactions that may be inappropriate, harmful or unsafe. 

When the moderation system is triggered, it automatically sends an email and notification to an adult connected to the child’s account. 

  • If the child has received Khanmigo access through their parent:
    • The parent will receive the account notification and moderation email alerting them to the flag.
  • If the student has received Khanmigo through their school district:
    • The primary teachers of all their district-synced classes will receive the moderation notification and email 
    • Co-teachers will not receive the moderation notification or email
    • If the student is in multiple district-synced classes, the primary teacher of all classes will be emailed and notified 
    • If their conversation meets a certain severity threshold, and their district has selected administrators to receive high severity alerts, those school leaders will be emailed as well. These admins also are able to see the chat histories linked in the moderation emails any parents or teachers forward to them. 

Below is an example email and account notification similar to what you will receive if you are a parent or teacher in this situation:

Please keep in mind, like so much of this technology, our moderation system is new and we know that it won’t always flag things perfectly. We are regularly reviewing the content that Khanmigo flags and updating our processes accordingly. 

For more information about acceptable and appropriate use of Khanmigo, please see the Khanmigo Community Guidelines.