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How do I download my students’ assignment scores?


If you are a teacher who uses Khan Academy in your classroom, you may want an easy way to transfer your students’ scores from Khan Academy assignments into your personal grade book, or your school's grade tracking system. Luckily, this is possible through the “Assignment Scores CSV Download” feature!

To start off though, let’s answer the question: “What is a CSV?” 

  • A CSV, or Comma Separated Values is a type of file that stores data. 
  • In a CSV file, each line is a data record and each record consists of one or more fields, separated by commas. 
  • It's like a simple spreadsheet, but without the formulas and formatting. 
  • You can then open CSV files in programs like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers

How to download the Assignment Scores CSV:

This feature is on the “Scores” tab under the Assignments dropdown menu and offers a downloadable spreadsheet containing your students’ scores from Khan Academy assignments. CSV_Gif_1.gifWhen you click the “Download CSV” button, you will be prompted to select the date range of the assignment scores you would like to download. 

Below are the available date options: 

  • Due today
  • Due within the past 7 days 
  • Due within the past 30 days
  • All time 
  • Custom

This means that whether you update your grade book daily, weekly, monthly, or the “whenever you get around to it” timeline, the “Assignment Scores CSV Download” feature allows you to continue following the same grading cadence you already use. 


By checking the “Include the average score for any practice activities (exercises, quizzes, and unit tests) in the selected date range” option shown in the screenshot below, you will receive an additional column in the spreadsheet: the Average score column. The average score is calculated by:

  • (Sum of the student’s actual scores on all their assignments) ÷ (Sum of all possible points on all their assignments)
  • This average score can be helpful in seeing a broad view of a student’s engagement 


Once you click the Download CSV button, you will see the below pop-up window on your screen, meaning our system is preparing the document for you.


Please don’t exit the page until the download is completed and you receive the below confirmation:


How to navigate and interpret the data on the CSV:

Once you have downloaded the CSV, open the document on your device. Some common options to do this are through Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. 

The horizontal rows on the spreadsheet will show the Student Name.

The vertical columns on the spreadsheet will show each individual assignment. In the column you will see the below information: 

  • Name and type of the assignment’s content (exercise, quiz, unit test, video, or article).
  • Due Date (this is the due date you selected when creating the assignment).
  • Score or completion status: 
    • Practice activities (exercises, quizzes, or unit tests) will have the student’s best score on their columns if the student fully completed the assignment.
    • Videos and articles will have the current completion status: Completed or Not Started
    • Note: If a student starts an assignment, but never fully completes the activity, it will show as “Not Started” on the CSV.  
      • This includes assignments where students used the "Start Over" link but didn’t go back to finish the activity
    • Note: If you see a dash (--) instead of a score or status, it means the assignment was not assigned to that particular student


Once the CSV is downloaded, the data can be added into your preferred grading system. 

Below is a video outlining how to use the “Assignment Scores CSV Download feature” in full:

We hope this feature streamlines your grading processes and helps you lean into using Khan Academy in your classroom(s)! 

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