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How do I use the Individual Student Report?


If you are looking for a place to see all the data from your class, but want it broken down to view it one student at a time, the Individual Student Report is the place for you! It offers insights into a student's work and how they’ve spent their time on Khan Academy.

How to access the Individual Student Report

1. When on your Teacher Dashboard, select the class which contains the student(s) who you want to view the data for.

2. Click the  Students tab listed on the left-hand side panel.

3. Click on a student's name

4. From here, you can also switch between students in the same class by clicking the “switch student” link next to the student’s name

How to use the Individual Student Report

There are 4 different tabs on the Individual Student Report. Each contains a variety of information about the student and their work on Khan Academy: 

  1. Activity Log Tab
  • This tab shows exactly what the student was working on, when they were working on it, their Mastery level for that activity, the number of problems they got correct, and the time spent on the activity. 
  • It is also highly customizable by date range, content type, and activity type
  1. Skills Tab
  • The Skills tab provides you with a view into the skills covered within a Mastery-enabled course as well as the corresponding mastery levels achieved by an individual student in your class.
  • You can also customize the filters by specific course, unit, or mastery level that you want to display. There is also a checkbox you can use to see only the skills you have assigned
  • If you’re not sure about how students are placed into Mastery levels, don’t worry! Click the gray question mark to the right of the Mastery Key and you’ll see a table explaining how the levels work
  • Below is a gif showing the Skills tab in action! 


  1. Assignments Tab
  • The Assignments tab provides a detailed overview of the number of assignments the student has to work on, their current status, how many attempts they took to complete it, the due date & time, and the best score achieved. 
    • Remember, even though a student may attempt an assignment multiple times, only the best score will be displayed in the report.
    • Please note, that when a student completes an article or video assignment, it will be marked as “Completed” but won’t show a score, or attempt. 
  1. Settings Tab 
  • The Settings tab is where you can view a student’s account settings,  such as their username, nickname, primary language, birthday, and others.
    • If the student is under 13 years old, you can also modify these account settings, including their account’s password.
    • Just make sure to click on Save Changes when you're finished! 
  • Please note, that only teachers who have accepted the Teacher Terms of Service in their own account settings can access and change some of their students' settings.

We hope that you found this article helpful in navigating and accessing the Individual Student Report on Khan Academy. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Khan Academy support team here!