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What are the subprocessors that Khan Academy uses?


Subprocessors Overview

Khan Academy, Inc. is a US-based charitable nonprofit organization.  We know that schools and learners might want to know which subprocessors process user personal data on our behalf, in order to help us provide our service.  Sometimes subprocessors are called third party service providers, critical vendors or suppliers.  A list of the subprocessors that regularly process personal data in connection with our service is set forth below.  For more information, please see our Khan Academy Privacy Policy.  


Subprocessors List




 Internal Communications 


 Cloud Service and Workspace


 Text to Speech

 Microsoft Azure   OpenAI Services





 Customer Support


 Email Delivery


 Email Delivery 


 Internal Communications 


 Payment Processor


 Customer Support


We may update this list of subprocessors from time to time by posting an update to this article.  If you have any questions, please get in touch.    


Subprocessors vs. Third Party Applications

Third party applications are different from subprocessors.  Third parties may build complementary services for our platform, such as screen readers for blind or low-vision learners like JAWS and VoiceOver.  A common third party application is an authentication service.  For instance, you may choose to register for an account, or access your account, through an authentication service (such as Google or Clever as Single Sign On, also known as SSO).  For all third party applications (including SSO), such third party applications are under your direct control and oversight.  These third party applications are not considered Khan Academy subprocessors.  If you (or your school) choose to use a third party application, then the use of the third party application will be governed by that third party’s terms of service and privacy policy.