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Update: Practice Test changes in Praxis and LSAT


What’s changing?

In an effort to simplify the learning experience for our LSAT and Praxis students, we've made some changes to the LSAT and Praxis practice experiences as of April 2022. Specifically: 

  1. We've added a separate tab for practice tests: the Full tests tab. Now, instead of only being able to complete a practice test at the end of a series of stages, you will be able to select which practice test you want to take and when.
  2. We've removed practice tests from the practice plan. Before, your practice plan was structured using a combination of practice tests and stages. Now, the practice tests will be done separately, in their own Full tests tab, in the order, and at the time of your choosing. The new practice plan will contain only stages and timed mini sections. Stage numbers used to reset after each practice test, but now they reflect the total number of stages you’ve completed. Your progress and work within each stage will not be modified.
  3. Because of these new implementations, you may notice that your practice tests names have changed: now, all of our practice tests will follow a regular name order (Practice Test #1, Practice Test #2, Practice Test #3…) even if you removed and re-added them in your schedule.

Why are we making this change?

This change will enable you to better organize your preparation, giving you more control over what you practice and when. Now, instead of having to complete a practice test to continue with your practice plan, you will be able to take practice tests whenever you want. We understand that this will allow for more effective preparation, especially for adult learners with limited time available for their studies.

What about all of my Practice Test scores and schedules? 

All of your previous practice test scores and dates will remain in the experience for your reference. 

We want to end with a note shouting out to those of you who stayed committed to preparing for the LSAT or the Praxis. We hope that your dedication was personally rewarding, and we thank you for being such an important part of the Khan Academy community.