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Content Update: Course Updates are on their way in late July 2021!


We know teachers might be starting to plan for the new school year, so we wanted to give an update on some upcoming course updates.

We’re excited to share that we’ll be making significant enhancements to several of our math and science courses in late July (currently targeting July 29th, although that might change). One consequence of adding this new content is that it may impact some of your students’ Mastery percentages.

When we add new content and remove old content, student Mastery percentages might change, since the overall number of skills available changes (for example, instead of mastering 90 out of 100 skills, after an update a student might have mastered 90 out of 110, which would reduce their Mastery percentage from 90% to 82%).

With this specific course update, we expect that student Mastery percentages will change by the maximum listed below for each course (although students could see a much smaller Mastery percentage change):

  • 52% in Precalculus
  • 65% in HS Statistics
  • 10% in AP Statistics
  • 54% in  Arithmetic
  • 30% in Basic Geometry
  • 61% in Pre-Algebra
  • 11% in Algebra 2
  • 3% in Geometry
  • 9% in Trigonometry
  • 3% in Eureka Math/EngageNY Algebra 2
  • 4% in Eureka Math/EngageNY Geometry
  • 33% in Eureka Math/EngageNY Precalculus
  • 18% in AP/College Chemistry

We’ll provide more detailed information on what specifically will change in each course in the coming weeks so you can better understand and plan for the new course content.

You can share your thoughts and questions with us in our Support Community or contact support.