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Can I access Khan Academy from my school LMS using the Clever instant login link?


Yes! If teachers in your district use our free Clever Library integration to roster classes, your district admin can set up a Clever Instant Login link. That way, teachers and students can access Khan Academy directly from the school LMS.

After the Instant Login link is set up on your school LMS, users who click on the link will log in directly to Khan Academy via single sign-on (SSO) rather than into their Clever portal, greatly simplifying the access for younger students!

District admins will need the following to set up the Instant Login for Khan Academy:

  • Your School District Clever ID: A 24-character ID is used to identify the School District on Clever. If you don't have this number, Clever Support should be able to help you find it!
  • Khan Academy's Client ID: e50a9862bc4fdeafda80– this number identifies the Khan Academy app on Clever and should be included in the Instant Login link (as shown in the example below).

Once you have both IDs, you just need to fill them in the link. It should look like the following, where the number sign ("#") is your District's 24-character Clever ID:

For more instructions and details on the Clever Instant Login link, please refer to this Clever article or reach out to Clever's Help Center.