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What are Khan Academy's Content Principles?


Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Our Content Principles support and guide our Content Team in delivering on that mission.

Content Principles

  • Learners at the center:  We strive to create deeply engaging,  rigorous educational  content that is welcoming to learners,  ignites their curiosity,  and accelerates their learning.
  • Accuracy: In service to creating world-class educational materials, we prioritize accuracy in all of our content. To achieve this, we staff our team with subject matter experts who use a wide range of source materials as inputs. In addition, we put our content through rigorous reviews and monitor feedback regularly.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We believe that learners are more likely to engage and learn when they feel a sense of belonging in what they’re learning. We also believe they will be better citizens of the world if they are exposed to the lives of others. Because of this, we are committed to representing the diversity of the world and our learner community in the content we offer.  
  • Appropriate Context: Some topics are potentially uncomfortable for learners (for example,  historical injustices such as slavery) but they are also a part of the human experience and an important component of a world-class education. We include these topics in our content when they are relevant to the subject matter and with supporting context to promote deep understanding and constructive discussion.
  • Editorial integrity: Khan Academy maintains full editorial control of Khan Academy-owned content. Some content on Khan Academy is sponsored by or made in partnership with other groups, but our editorial independence remains consistent in all cases. Please view our content sponsorship principles for more information.