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Resource Hub: Flexible learning toolkit

How can school districts prepare to transition back and forth between in-person and distance learning in a way that maximizes academic growth for all students? This is the central question of Khan Academy's flexible learning preparedness report & toolkit. 
These resources examine flexible learning preparedness across seven dimensions:
  • Communications
  • Family engagement
  • Digital access
  • Professional development
  • Instruction, curricular resources, platforms, and data
  • Support for special populations
  • Mental health
Districts can self-assess their preparedness for flexible learning across each dimension on a four-point scale from one (poor preparedness) to four (great preparedness). 
Below you will find several resources, including:
  • A comprehensive report, informed by 100 interviews and 1000+ survey results from parents, teachers, school and district administrators and education experts; 
  • A copy of the flexible learning preparedness index for individuals to download, print and self-assess; and
  • Resources to help schools and districts improve their preparedness on several of the key dimensions. 


Report: Flexible learning preparedness as a path for school districts to maximize academic growth

Flexible learning preparedness index & rubric

Flexible learning resources: Instruction, curricular resources, platforms and data

Flexible learning resources: Communications

Flexible learning resources: Professional development