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How do my students get started with Khan Academy through the Clever Library?


Since the Clever Library is for teachers to discover applications they may want to use with their classes, students don’t have access to it directly.

Students see the Khan Academy tile in their student portal (through the teacher’s page) after the teacher has found Khan Academy in the Clever Library, installed it, and completed the activation process. It’ll look something like this:  

Students can favorite Khan Academy so it’s easy to find within their portal, and also search for it within their portal. Once your students find Khan Academy in their student portal, they select the tile to begin their activation process.

They’ll be able to create a new account for Khan Academy or (if they’re 13 or older) log in to an existing school account (a Khan Academy account that has their school email associated with it).

Creating a New Account

The first time a student selects the Khan Academy tile, they’ll see a welcome message urging them to create a new account or log in to their existing account.


They’ll be asked to enter their birth date and to sign up with their school email.




After they’ve clicked Sign up, they’ll be taken to their newly-created account, and their Clever ID will be attached to their account (this is behind the scenes, but helpful for understanding how it works).

They’ll see a welcome message that will explain that they won’t see anything to do on their Learner homepage until their teacher (you!) has made an assignment.



When they dismiss the message by clicking Onward, they’ll see their Learner home, ready to display your class once you give assignments.


If the student chooses Teachers (the bottom option in the left-hand navigation bar) they’ll see you linked as their teacher (specifically, your first name and last initial) which validates that they have completed their part of the process, and can wait for you to give them an assignment.


Logging into an Existing Account (13 years and older)

 Students who are 13 years of age or older have the option to use an existing Khan Academy school account instead of creating a new one. To do this, they’ll choose the bottom option Log in to your existing account.



Then they’ll enter the school email address and password for their account:



Our system will check that the account belongs to a student who is at least 13 years old. If the account belongs to a student who isn’t at least 13 years old, the system will recognize that they are attempting to use an under 13 account, and they’ll receive an error message directing them to go back and create a new account instead.

If the student is indeed at least 13 years old, they’ll see a screen asking for permission to link their Clever account to their Khan Academy account, like this:

The message will explain that by using their existing account, all teachers linked to it will be able to see any activity on assignments, as well as any activity they’ve done independently (outside of a class).

They’ll either sign in or create a new account, and then they’ll be brought to their Learner Home in Khan Academy.