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How can I change my students' birthdays?


Teachers who have confirmed that they are associated with a school can access and change some of their students' settings, including their account passwords from their Teacher Dashboards.

In order to access these features, be sure to confirm that you are associated with a school by checking the “I am a Teacher” box in the school selector in your account settings. Please carefully read the requirements before making this selection.


In addition to being able to adjust students' date of birth, teachers can also modify their students' nickname, username, gender, primary language, password, and accessibility settings.

You can access these features by going to your teacher dashboard and clicking on the class that contains the students whose settings you would like to modify. 


Once you are in the class, go to the Student Roster page shown below. From there, click on the student you wish to modify settings for 


When you click a student's name, you will be able to see the option for Settings right next to Assignments.


Once you have accessed these settings, you will be able to change the student's birthday and other settings. Please be sure to click Save changes once you are done.