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How do I find content to assign?

With thousands of exercises, articles, and instructional videos covering topics from K-12 math to biology, grammar, computer science, history, and more—Khan Academy can be helpful for classrooms at all levels. But how can you find the best resources for your specific students?

Choose a course for each class

Make sure to select a Course when you create your class. You can check out the courses our resources cover by clicking on Courses in the top left corner of our site. When you choose a course, it helps us guide you toward the resources most commonly assigned for that course.
NoteSelecting a Course for your class will not prevent you from assigning other content to students or prevent students from practicing on other parts of our site.
You can choose any piece of content on the site—inside your course or out of it—and assign it to specific students or your entire class.
And you can always change or add an additional course to your class as well. You can do this in 2 ways:
  1. Go to the Settings page (under Admin in the left sidebar) for a class and click Change course.

     2.  Click the Assign page under the Assignments section, the drop-down menu next to the course name, then the "Edit Courses" link. 


Finding material to assign

Option 1: Browse the subject-area content

Often, you will want to assign material connected to what students are learning in your class.
Let’s say I’m an AP Physics 1 instructor teaching students about Newton’s laws of motion. First, I would go to the AP Physics 1 home page and scroll down until I see the unit that covers Newton’s laws of motion. It’s the third unit in the Khan Academy AP Physics 1 curriculum.
Next, I would browse the titles of the Learn and Practice resources for Newton’s laws of motion. Perhaps I’m looking for a mixture of videos and articles to assign to students to gain a conceptual understanding of the three laws of motions. Instead of selecting the More on Newton’s second law of motion link, I might narrow my assignments to just the videos with introductory titles like Newton’s second law of motion.
That would lead me to assign the following six resources:
Or perhaps my students have learned about the laws of motion and they are ready to do more practice problems to deepen their understanding. In that case, I might assign just the practice exercises:

Option 2: Search for a topic or resource

Sometimes, you may want to assign a video or exercise from a different course or grade level than your official class course. Or, you may just be unsure of where a specific resource or topic is located on Khan Academy.
Let’s say you’re a 7th-grade math teacher, for example, but your class is struggling with long division. In this case, you may want to rely on the search bar at the top left of the site to guide you to the appropriate resource. Start by typing in “long division”.
When the results show up, you can sort them by type by just clicking on the resource type here:
Take a look at a resource. If you love it, you can assign it.

Option 3: Browse by Common Core standard (math teachers only)

Perhaps you are looking for a resource aligned to a specific Common Core standard for mathematics. Let’s say you are a 4th-grade teacher covering NF.B.3c about adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators.
Start by going to and click Browse our Common Core map.
Next, click into the appropriate grade level. Use the left-hand panel to quickly jump to the appropriate standard strand. For this standard, the strand is Number and Operations: Fractions, indicated by the NF at the start of the standard’s title.
Scroll down until you find the exact standard you're looking for. You’ll see a preview of all the Khan Academy exercises aligned to that standard. If you click on the exercises, you can also find related videos and articles to assign for your students.