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Det danske hold / The Danish Team


The Danish team of volunteer translators, proofreaders and managers have been working determined towards translating and adapting the content of Khan Academy to Danish students, and so far the Danish public school curriculum (Folkeskolen) has been translated into Danish.

Furthermore, we have dubbed +1000 videos into Danish and our goal is now to remake the majority of the videos for the Danish public school curriculum plus translate the content for the Danish high school curriculum (Gymnasiet) and the process has already begun.

We still have much to do and could use your help. If you want to know more about how to contribute to Khan Academy in Denmark, please visit us on Facebook or send us an email ( or

Khan Academy would like to thank all the volunteers who have dedicated their time, energy and expertise to the common mission of all working with Khan Academy: a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

We would like to recognize those contributors, who at the time being, have translated more than 10.000 words on the platform.

Vicki Ruder
Gorm G. Simonsen
Martin Bremholm
Olof Paulson
Belinda Nygaard
Michael Falk
Stine Kvist
Betina Nielsen
Per Mørkegaard Hansen
Martin Dybdal
Katrine Nana Girotti
Casper B. Hansen
Morten Birch
Jens Hyllegaard
Jacob Mortensen
Peter Severini
Kenni Hyldahl
Orhan Klardashti

Also thank you to the rest of you who also contributed - it’s much appreciated.

And a very special thank you to for believing in Khan Academy:

Lundbeckfonden and KMD