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L'équipe francophone / The French Team

Libraries Without Borders (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières) implements the French adaptation of Khan Academy's resources. This French version obviously concerns France but also all the French-speaking countries in the world.

More than 5000 video lessons have been adapted since the beginning of September 2013. In mathematics almost all the videos of Khan Academy are now translated into French. You will find all the necessary content for the primary, middle and high school levels. About a thousand videos of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and computer science are now translated, too. In addition to videos, more than 200,000 interactive and innovative exercises and lessons have been translated to support student learning. All content is reviewed and validated by a scientific committee made up of French and Belgian professors and specialists in digital education, so that the programs, methods and examples are compatible with what is taught in French classes. The curricula of the French and Belgian classes are updated regularly on the site to facilitate the work of correspondence between the contents of the platform and the official programs.

The tremendous progress that the Khan Academy French version has made would not be possible without the contributions of these phenomenal translators and proofreaders shown below.
Anne-Hélène Jarry
Bruno Soria
Brieuc Tollenaere
Coline Theillac
Emilie Da Costa
Isabelle Pailloncy
Lina Karimi
Lydie Morel
Marie-Gabrielle Denizet 
Romain Toro
Sophie Pelloux 
Tatiana del Marmol
Thomas Blasselle
Valérie Nehlig
Xavier Moreau
Yasemin Eken
Zainab Edoo

Khan Academy would like to thank also all the volunteers who’ve dedicated their time, energy, and expertise to our mission: a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
French Language Advocates:
France: Stéphane Moutier
Belgium: Alya Armali, Charlotte Cornet, Habiba Dyani, Victoire Dunker