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Why isn't my Khan Academy account automatically linked to the Support Community?


If your Khan Academy account isn't automatically allowing you to participate in our Support Community, it's usually because we don't have a verified email address associated with your current Khan Academy account. Our community software (Zendesk) uses email addresses to link your Khan Academy account to your posts in the Support Community, so once you add an email to your Khan Academy account and verify it, you should be good to go.

You can add an email address to your account in your Settings, under Linked Accounts. If you have added an email but it hasn't been verified yet, there will be a blue banner at the top of your account asking to verify it - click the "Resend email" link to start verifying.



There are some exceptions:

If a learner's account is less than 3 days old and/or has less than 5,000 energy points, participation in the support community will not be allowed. Use this time to start learning! Information about energy points can be found here.

If a learner is under 13, they have a child account and are restricted from leaving public comments in the Support Community to protect their privacy. More information on the differences between child and adult accounts can be found here. Anyone can reach our support team privately for help by filing a new ticket describing their situation.

If you have been banned from discussions on Khan Academy, you cannot participate in conversations in the Support Community. If you feel like you have been banned in error, please use this form to describe your situation.

These requirements mirror what is needed to post or participate in conversations on Khan Academy.