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How do I remove my email from my child's account?


In order to be able to remove your email address from your child's account, you'll need to create a new email address, at least temporarily, for your child.  Fortunately, free email accounts are easy to create. 

If your child is 13 or older:

  • Create a new account for your child using the email server of your choice.
  • After this is done, please allow your child to log in and go to their Account Settings.
  • Under Linked accounts, click on Connect an email. Then from there, you can add the new email you created for them following the instructions after clicking the corresponding button. 


  • Once you've connected a new email, then you can go to the email tab and enable the new email address.


  • Then go back to the Account tab and disconnect the previous email on the same section (Linked accounts), and log out.


After this is done, you should be able to use the email you just disconnected to create another account if you want to, and your child will have a way to retrieve their password if the password is forgotten through their newly created and linked email address.

If your child is under 13:

This means that your child has a child account and as such, they are not meant to have an email address attached. Child accounts are meant to be managed by a parent account and they are usually created with only a username and password. No email. 

However, if an email was added to it, for whatever reason, this is not something that can be reversed. This means that until the child turns 13 and the account automatically becomes an adult account, the email will not be able to be changed. 

In this case, if the parent would like to be linked to their child's account then the only solution would be for the parent to create a new email address for themselves and create a parent account. Once this is done, their child will be able to log into their account and link their child account to their parent's newly created one by going to the Account settings (child's) and add their parent's email address.