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How can I get a copy of my students' usernames and passwords?


When you create student accounts in bulk with no email addresses attached, they are by default child accounts, and you'll be prompted to download a CSV containing the username and password for each student account.


As explained in the pop-up window, this is a one-time occurrence for privacy reasons, so we strongly recommend that you don't skip this step.

If you skipped this step or if you no longer have the CSV file, your best option is to reset the students' passwords directly from your class page if they’re under 13 years old. You can also submit a help request to our Support team if you need more help.

If you'd prefer to create new accounts and passwords for the students instead, you can do that using the instructions here.  

Here are some tips when getting started:

When creating accounts for students, add their parent email address (double checking to make sure it's correct -- a lot of times these are entered incorrectly) so parents will receive an email from Khan Academy inviting them to create an account as well.  

Note: The email attached to the account which creates the student accounts will be shared with parents. Write down or print the usernames and passwords for the student accounts. You can pass these along to the next teacher, although you should keep in mind that a parent can change the username and/or password at any time.