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How can I access Khan Academy in languages other than English?


Khan Academy provides as many resources as possible to support learners whose primary language is not English. The tools below are helpful for English Language Learners (ELL) and students in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, and for students who are learning in a language other than English

Translated sites

In addition to English, Khan Academy has been translated into many other languages. You can see the full list of languages and how much has been translated here.

You can find those sites in the language drop-down at the bottom of the main Khan Academy page before you log in, or by setting a preferred language for your account.

Setting a primary language

On your account settings page, you can set English, (Latin American) Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, or other languages as your primary language. You will then see all available Khan Academy content— including articles, videos, and skills— in that language. Learn more about editing your account settings.

Mobile app language settings


If you're using the Khan Academy app through an Android device, you can select the language you want the content to appear in using the Language Settings (more details here).


iOS 12

For iOS devices, the operating system will automatically set the app's language based on your device's language settings.

In practice, this means the app will try to match your main Language first, then a language in your Preferred Language Order, and finally the app will default to English if no other supported language has been found.


iOS 13

With the release of the Khan Academy App v6.4.0, we’ve launched a new feature. With it, you will no longer be required to change the language of your device settings to set a different language on the app.

Click here to find the steps to change the language in your app.