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How can I change the standards that are displayed on content?


Most Khan Academy content is aligned with specific content standards such as Common Core or Next Gen Science Standards. In addition, much of our math content was also mapped to a majority of state/region specific standards.

We know there are a few reasons why you would want to see how our content is aligned or mapped to a specific set of standards, whether the Common Core or your region. The new Region Selector will allow you to do just that!

To select the preferred region, simply visit the settings page and select your state (right under “Primary Language”).

Teachers, coaches, parents, and students are able to manually set their region.

Note: The region selector will only be available on our English site, in the United States.


The selected region can affect your experience in two ways:

  1. The standards that are displayed with our content. 

As a teacher or coach: If your region uses Common Core or something more specific, those will be displayed based on your selected region.

These standards will be visible in several areas:

  • The specific content item
  • The Assign section of the Teacher Dashboard
  • Teacher Skills reports
  • District Skills reports

Students will not see standards on any content items

  1. The courses shown on the Course Menu

The region selected determines what courses are shown on the Course menu for teachers, coaches, parents, and students. 

For example, if you picked Florida as your region, you will see some Florida-specific courses in the course menu. Otherwise, you will see the relevant Course Menu for your region.

If I haven’t picked my region, what determines what I see?

If your region has not been manually selected, a few other factors will determine your “default” region:

  • We will use your location based on your IP address

You can always manually select your region to ensure accuracy.

When it comes to curriculum standards, you can learn more here.