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How do I change the email address I use to log in to my account?


To change the email address you use to log into your account, first go to your user account settings.

First, connect a new email address to your account by following these steps:

1. Create a password for your account if you haven't already set one.

2. Add your new email address by selecting Connect another email and following the instructions.


3. Reauthenticate your account by typing in your password, or by authenticating through Google, Facebook, Clever, or Apple.


4. Click the Email tab near the top of the page.

5. Open the Send email to drop-down menu and select your new address.

6. (Optional) Remove your old email address by clicking the Remove link next to it.

Once you have changed your primary email, you can edit your contact preferences for that email address.

Note: If you have opted not to receive emails from Khan Academy, you will only see a button for allowing Khan Academy emails.

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